OzMade Unsigned Find - Rav Thomas

Rav Thomas is a proudly independent Australian artist.  Lot's of hard work and travel has seen him and his band play some impressive festivals and line-ups - he joined sarahd on OzMadeto chat about those experiences and his new single "Have You Round To Stay".  

OzMade OS - Jupiter Project

New Zealand's, Jupiter Project, joined sarahd on our OzMade OS to chat about the decision to cover the classic hit "My Girl" as their latest single.  

OzMade Unsigned Find - Joel Davies

Joel Davies has been in the studio to record for the first time ever, thanks to a win at a battle of the bands competition.  sarahd found out all about the experience on our OzMade Unsigned Find.

My OzCut - The Art

 The Art first formed as "The Follow" - sarahd caught up with Azaria to find out why the name change?  They also chat about some of the amazing opportunities The Art has had in recent years.