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Injured Qld man's croc bite claims denied

A man who was allegedly set upon by a crocodile in far north Queensland did not suffer injuries consistent with an attack, according to the environment department.

NASA super balloon to collect space data

A stadium-sized pressure balloon launched by NASA in New Zealand began collecting data in near space on Wednesday, beginning a 100-day planned journey after several launch attempts were thwarted by storms and cyclones.

You could be rich and not even know it

You could be a lot richer than you think.Australians are being urged to check if they have a share in $1.1 billion of unclaimed cash left dormant in shares, bank and insurance accounts.

Obesity risk for kids begins in womb

A child's risk of obesity as they grow up can be influenced by modifications to their DNA while in the womb caused by their mother's "health, diet and lifestyle", according to new research.